Part I.  Definitions


    383-1 Definitions, generally

    383-2 Definition of employment

    383-3 Place of performance

    383-4 Election of employing unit

    383-5 Service localized where

    383-6 Master and servant relationship, not required when

    383-7 Excluded service

  383-7.5 Part-time work; benefits available

  383-7.6 Separation for compelling family reason

    383-8 Included and excluded service

    383-9 Agricultural labor

   383-10 Definition of wages

   383-11 Excluded payments

   383-12 Requirement to post work availability online


        Part II.  Benefits

   383-21 Payment of benefits

   383-22 Weekly benefit amount; computation, minimum and


   383-23 Weekly benefit for unemployment

 383-23.5 Retirement payments

   383-24 Maximum potential benefits

   383-25 to 28 Repealed

   383-29 Eligibility for benefits

 383-29.5 Benefits during training

 383-29.6 Partial unemployment; eligibility

 383-29.7 Partial unemployment; claim filing requirements,


 383-29.8 Partial unemployment; waivers

 383-29.9 Partial unemployment; reporting requirements

   383-30 Disqualification for benefits

 383-30.5 Good cause for separation from part-time employment

   383-31 Posting of information

   383-32 Filing of claim

   383-33 Determinations, in general

   383-34 Reconsideration of determination

   383-35 Appeal pending when redetermination issued

   383-36 Notice of determinations

   383-37 Appeal tribunal

   383-38 Appeals, filing, and hearing

   383-39 Procedure

   383-40 Conclusiveness of determinations and decisions

   383-41 Judicial review

   383-42 Representation

   383-43 Payment of benefits

   383-44 Recovery of benefits paid

   383-45 Governing provisions


        Part III.  Contributions and Coverage

   383-61 Payment of contributions; wages not included

 383-61.5 Special assessments on employers to pay interest

          on loans from Secretary of Labor

   383-62 Rate of contributions; financing benefits paid to

          government employees and employees of nonprofit


 383-62.5 Treatment of Indian tribes

   383-63 Definitions for experience rating provisions

   383-64 Credits for contributions; destruction of employer

          accounts and records

   383-65 Charges and noncharges for benefits

   383-66 Contribution rates, how determined

   383-67 Reserve ratio

   383-68 Contribution rate schedules; fund solvency rate

          schedule; rates based on experience

   383-69 Procedure for rate determination

   383-70 Contributions; levy; returns; assessments

   383-71 Collection of delinquent contributions

   383-72 Priorities under legal dissolutions or


   383-73 Penalty for delinquency; remission

   383-74 Appeal; correction of assessment or contributions

   383-75 Compromise

   383-76 Refunds and adjustments

   383-77 Employers' coverage, election

   383-78 Repealed

   383-79 Combining services performed for predecessor and

          successor employing units

   383-80 Income tax refund offsets


        Part IV.  Administration

   383-91 Duties and powers of department, director

   383-92 Rules and regulations

 383-92.5 Worker profiling

   383-93 Investigation of unemployment hazard

   383-94 Records and reports

   383-95 Disclosure of information

   383-96 Service

   383-97 Change of rates

   383-98 Referee

   383-99 Oaths and subpoenas

  383-100 Protection against self-incrimination

  383-101 Relation to chapter 371

  383-102 Preservation and destruction of records

  383-103 Representation in civil and criminal actions

  383-104 State employment service

  383-105 Federal-state cooperation

  383-106 What reciprocal arrangements authorized

  383-107 Reimbursement payments deemed benefits, when

  383-108 Cooperation with states, etc.

  383-109 Cooperation with foreign governments

  383-110 Personnel security program; criminal history record



        Part V.  Funds

  383-121 Unemployment compensation trust fund; establishment

          and control

383-121.5 Renumbered

  383-122 Accounts and deposit

  383-123 Withdrawals; administrative use

  383-124 Relation to unemployment trust fund

  383-125 Financing employment security administration

  383-126 Reimbursement of fund

383-126.5 Evaluation of fund balance adequacy

  383-127 Special unemployment insurance administration fund

  383-128 Employment and training fund established

  383-129 Employment and training assessment

  383-130 Unemployment insurance technology special fund

  383-131 Unemployment insurance technology assessment


        Part VI.  Penalties

  383-141 Falsely obtaining benefits, etc.

  383-142 Employing units

  383-143 General penalty

  383-144 Unlawful disclosures


        Part VII.  Miscellaneous Provisions

  383-161 Waiver of rights void

  383-162 Limitation of fees

  383-163 No assignment of benefits; waiver

383-163.5 Child support intercept of unemployment benefits

383-163.6 Voluntary deduction and withholding of federal and

          state income taxes

383-163.7 Deduction and withholding of uncollected food stamp


  383-164 Nonliability of State

  383-165 Saving clause, amendment, or repeal

  383-166 Conformity with federal law

  383-167 Amendment or repeal of federal law, effect of;

          nonconformity, effect of

  383-168 Definitions

  383-169 Effect of state law provisions relating to regular

          benefits on claims for, and the payment of, extended


  383-170 Eligibility requirements for extended benefits

383-170.5 Ineligibility for extended benefits when paid under

          an interstate claim in a state where extended benefit

          period is not in effect

  383-171 Weekly extended benefit amount

  383-172 Total extended benefit amount

  383-173 Beginning and termination of extended benefit period

  383-174 Computations

  383-176 Limitation of extended benefits by trade

          readjustment allowance




  L 2012, c 6, §5 provides:

  "SECTION 5.  (a)  The director of labor and industrial relations may utilize section 103-6, Hawaii Revised Statutes, or may borrow moneys from the federal government pursuant to title XII of the Social Security Act, to cover the insolvency of the unemployment compensation fund.

  (b)  The director of labor and industrial relations shall use the loan proceeds only to pay unemployment benefits pursuant to chapter 383, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and may not use the loan proceeds to pay for any other expenses such as administrative expenses."

  Skilled worker and business development center at each University of Hawaii community college.  L Sp 2009, c 34.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Relief for Manufacturers and Wholesalers:  A Proposal to Exclude Commissions Paid to Part-Time Sales Representatives from Hawaii's Unemployment Tax.  II HBJ, no. 13, at 35 (1998).


Case Notes


  Department is under no duty to maximize amount of benefits that applicant is entitled to by alerting applicant to possible alternatives.  55 H. 250, 517 P.2d 773 (1973).

  Conformity to coverage under federal unemployment law not required.  68 H. 410, 718 P.2d 267 (1986).