382-5 Stevedoring fund; compensation for appropriation and use. There is appropriated from the general revenues of the State sufficient moneys as may be necessary, from time to time, for expenditure by or under the direction of the governor for any and all purposes of this chapter and the operations of the government under this chapter, including, without limitation of the generality of the foregoing, the compensation of employees and for other personal services, other current expenses, insurance, and expenditures for the performance of any and all contracts and arrangements authorized by this chapter; provided that the governor may not expend in excess of $250,000 by this method. The governor may further augment the appropriation from the governor's contingent fund and in addition thereto may cause to be expended from the general fund as a loan or loans further amounts from time to time as required for the purposes of this chapter, but the amount of such further loans outstanding at any one time shall not exceed $250,000. Expenditures may be made by or under the direction of the governor or the governor may allot any money not to exceed the maximums provided in this section to the designated agency for expenditure upon its own vouchers.

Charges shall be made and collected for deposit into the treasury of the State. The charges so far as possible shall be based upon the rates prevailing in the industry immediately prior to the disruption of service, but due consideration shall be given to current conditions, including the expenses and other costs incurred or which may be incurred by the State under this chapter. From time to time the governor shall pay from the general fund to each company whose property has been appropriated just compensation for the appropriation and use of its property. If any company is unwilling to accept the amount determined by the governor as full and complete compensation for appropriation and use, the company shall be paid fifty per cent of the amount so determined by the governor and shall be entitled to sue the State, in the manner provided in chapter 661 for such additional sum as, when added to the sum already received by the company, shall constitute just compensation for the appropriation and use of its property; provided that the suit shall be instituted within three months after the termination of the appropriation and use. [L 1951, c 209, pt of 4; RL 1955, 92-6; am L 1964, c 46, 2; HRS 382-5; gen ch 1985]


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