[§378-93]  Civil actions for injunctive relief or damages.  (a)  An employee who alleges a violation of this part may bring a civil action for appropriate injunctive relief, actual damages, or both within two years after the occurrence of the alleged violation.

     (b)  A cause of action pursuant to subsection (a) may be brought in the appropriate court in the circuit where the alleged violation occurred, where the plaintiff resides, or where the defendant resides or has a [principal] place of business.

     (c)  A defendant who violates this part shall be fined $500 for each violation.  A civil fine that is ordered pursuant to this section shall be deposited with the director of finance to the credit of the state general fund.

     (d)  For purposes of this section, "damages" means damages for injury or loss caused by each violation of this part, including reasonable attorney's fees. [L 2013, c 249, pt of §2]