[C.]  Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace


     [§378-81]  Reasonable accommodations.  [(a)]  An employer shall make reasonable accommodations in the workplace for an employee who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence, including:

     (1)  Changing the contact information, such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, or electronic-mail addresses, of the employee;

     (2)  Screening the telephone calls of the employee;

     (3)  Restructuring the job functions of the employee;

     (4)  Changing the work location of the employee;

     (5)  Installing locks and other security devices; and

     (6)  Allowing the employee to work flexible hours;

provided that an employer shall not be required to make the reasonable accommodations if they cause undue hardship on the work operations of the employer.

     (b)  Prior to making the reasonable accommodations under this section, an employer may verify that an employee is a victim of domestic or sexual violence as provided in section 378-2(b).

     (c)  As used in this section, "undue hardship" means an action requiring significant difficulty or expense on the operation of an employer, when considered in light of the following factors:

     (1)  The nature and cost of the reasonable accommodation needed under this section;

     (2)  The overall financial resources of the employer; the number of employees of the employer; and the number, type, and placement of the work locations of an employer; and

     (3)  The type of operation of the employer, including the composition, structure, and functions of the workforce of the employer, the geographic separateness of the victim's work location from the employer, and the administrative or fiscal relationship of the work location to the employer. [L 2011, c 206, pt of §3(4)]