372-4 State apprenticeship council. The director shall establish within the department the state apprenticeship council which shall serve in an advisory capacity to the director on matters within the jurisdiction of the department relating to apprenticeship programs. The membership and organization of the council shall be determined by the director. The council shall be composed of persons familiar with apprenticeable occupations, and shall include an equal number of representatives of employers and employee organizations, and shall include public members who shall not number in excess of the number named to represent either employers or employee organizations. The members of the council shall be appointed and removed at the pleasure of the director. [L Sp 1941, c 23, pt of 1; RL 1945, 4141; RL 1955, 89-4; am L 1967, c 20, 1(c); HRS 372-4; gen ch 1985; am L 2012, c 14, 5]


Case Notes


A contested case hearing pursuant to 91-14(a) was not required in the determination by the labor director to register an apprenticeship program pursuant to this section. 104 H. 275, 88 P.3d 647 (2004).



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