372-1 Application of chapter

372-2 Definitions

372-3 Standards of apprenticeship

372-4 State apprenticeship council

372-5 Powers and duties of director

372-6 Related instruction

372-7 Apprenticeship committee

372-8 State-federal cooperation


Cross References


Public works construction; apprenticeship agreement, see 103-55.6.


Case Notes


Language of chapter was of considerable breadth as to afford the plaintiff a claim for back wages. 71 H. 458, 795 P.2d 276 (1990).

Appellants were not deprived of any identifiable property interest by the registration of an apprenticeship program, under this chapter, initiated by the union, so as to invoke due process protections by way of a contested case hearing. 104 H. 275, 88 P.3d 647 (2004).



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