[367D‑2] Model programs; department of public safety. Subject to funding by the legislature, the director of public safety shall foster a gender-responsive environment by providing model gender-responsive programs for female offenders that are responsive to statewide needs and geographical areas and shall award contracts for the programs. The gender-responsive environment and programs shall:

(1) Respond in a rehabilitative way to the type of offenses female offenders generally commit and address pathways to crime;

(2) Respond to the problems of female offenders with dependent children;

(3) Respond to the importance of developing self-determination through independent living and marketable job skills;

(4) Assist female offenders in overcoming their own extreme degree of dependency by developing and fostering strong and healthy relationships without losing self-esteem;

(5) Respond appropriately to the specific health care needs of women, including but not limited to mental health and substance abuse services;

(6) Offer transitional support for female offenders and their families to promote successful reentry into their families and communities; and

(7) Offer technical assistance and training toward the implementation of other similar programs. [L 2006, c 258, pt of 2]


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