§367-4  County committees on status of women, membership, organization, etc.  The mayor of each county shall appoint a county committee on the status of women charged with the duty and responsibility of developing information as the state commission on the status of women requires or as the committee deems advisable concerning the status of women within the respective counties; and other appropriate duties and responsibilities as may be deemed necessary by each county.  The committees shall submit to the state commission, plans and proposals affecting the status of women in the several counties.  Each county committee shall endeavor to secure the widest possible citizen participation in its efforts and, for this purpose, may utilize existing public or private organizations.  The membership of each county committee shall include, ex officio, the county attorney or corporation counsel and the county representative of the commission on the status of women.  The other members shall be selected on the basis of their interest and knowledge in, and their ability to make contributions to, the solution of problems relating to the status of women within the county and their knowledge of local conditions.  The chairperson shall be elected annually from the nongovernmental members of the committee.  The terms of office of each member shall be four years.  Each county committee shall meet at least four times a year.  The members of the county committees shall receive no compensation for their services.  The respective county legislative bodies are authorized to make appropriations to meet the necessary expenses of the committees. [L 1970, c 190, pt of §1; am L 1979, c 204, §2; gen ch 1993; am L 1995, c 151, §5; am L 1996, c 298, §6]