Part I. General Powers


356D-1 Definitions

356D-2 Hawaii public housing authority; establishment,


356D-3 Board; establishment, functions, duties

356D-4 General powers of the authority

356D-5 Resident advisory boards; establishment

356D-6 Nomination of resident board member

356D-6.5 Prohibition on smoking in and around public housing;

designated smoking areas

356D-6.7 Closed to the public

356D-7 Fair housing law to apply

356D-7.5 Exemption from tax on income and obligations

356D-8 Acquisition, use, and disposition of property

356D-9 Cooperative agreements with other government


356D-10 Agents, including corporations

356D-11 Development of property

356D-12 Development of property; additional powers

356D-12.5 Development of property; partnership or

development agreement

356D-13 Administration of federal programs

356D-13.5 Housing choice voucher program administration

356D-14 Federal funds outside of state treasury

356D-15 Eminent domain, exchange, or use of public property

356D-16 Contracts with the federal government

356D-17 Public works contracts

356D-18 Remedies of an obligee; mandamus; injunction;

possessory action; receiver; accounting; etc.

356D-19 Subordination of mortgage to agreement with


356D-20 Duty to make reports

356D-21 Bonds; authorization

356D-22 Bonds; interest rate, price, and sale

356D-23 Trustee; designation, duties

356D-24 Trust indenture

356D-25 Investment of reserves, etc.

356D-26 Security for funds deposited by the authority

356D-27 Arbitrage provisions; interest rate

356D-28 Public housing revolving fund

356D-29 Quitclaim deeds


Part II. Federal Low-Income Housing

356D-31 Rentals and tenant selection

356D-32 Delinquent accounts

356D-33 Investigatory powers

356D-34 to 39 Reserved

356D-40 Additional powers


Part III. State Low-Income Housing


A. State Low-Income Housing; Administration

356D-41 Definitions

356D-42 Housing; tenant selection

356D-43 Rentals

356D-44 Administration of state low-income public

housing projects and programs

356D-45 State low-income housing revolving fund

356D-45.5 Delinquent accounts

356D-46 Investigatory powers

356D-47 Government aid; political subdivisions

356D-48, 49 Reserved

356D-50 Additional powers


B. State Low-Income Housing; Liens

356D-51 Definitions

356D-52 Lien on personalty for rent, etc.

356D-53 Foreclosure of lien, notice, etc.

356D-54 Sheriff or police to assist

356D-55 Existing contracts not impaired

356D-56 Repealed

356D-56.1 Disposition of abandoned or seized property

356D-57 Disposition of surplus proceeds

356D-58 Lien attaches to personalty in possession

356D-59 Priority of housing lien

356D-60 Rights and powers; supplemental


C. State Low-Income Housing; Evictions

356D-61 Definitions

356D-62 Termination and evictions

356D-63 Hearings

356D-64 Eviction

356D-65 Ex parte motion

356D-66 Judicial review

356D-67 Appeals

356D-68 Rules

356D-70 Renumbered


Part IV. Housing for Elders and Teachers


A. Housing for Elders

356D-71 Resident selection; dwelling units; rentals

356D-72 Housing for elders revolving fund

356D-73 to 79 Reserved

356D-80 Additional powers


B. Housing for Teachers--Repealed

356D-81 to 90 Repealed


Part V. Public Housing; Evictions

356D-91 Definitions

356D-92 Termination and eviction

356D-93 Hearings

356D-94 Eviction

356D-95 Ex parte motion

356D-96 Judicial review

356D-97 Appeals

356D-98 Rules


Part VI. Authority-County Cooperation

356D-101 Gifts, etc., to counties from authority

356D-102 Facilities and services by counties to authority

and tenants

356D-103 Construction of additional powers

356D-104 Charges for prior services by counties to authority

356D-105 Garbage and trash disposal

356D-106 Furnishing of free water not required

356D-107 Regulation of traffic within public housing

projects in the various counties

356D-108 to 119 Reserved

356D-120 Additional powers


Part VII. Homeless Assistance--Repealed

356D-121 to 147 Repealed


Part VIII. State Rent Supplement Program

356D-151 Rent supplements

356D-151.5 Rent supplement; qualification

356D-152 Housing owner; defined

356D-153 Qualified tenant defined; preference

356D-154 Relationship of annual payment to rental and income

356D-155 Determination of eligibility of tenants and rental


356D-156 Rules

356D-157 to 159 Reserved

356D-160 Additional powers


Part IX. State Sales Housing Program--Repealed

356D-161 to 170 Repealed




Program to reimburse land owners who participate in the section 8 housing voucher program to cover repair costs of tenant-caused property damage when the repair costs exceed the tenant's security deposit. L 2019, c 215, 1.

State goal for affordable rental housing units; special action team (terminated December 31, 2019); annual report to 2017-2019 legislature. L 2016, c 127; L 2017, c 96, 2.


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