Part I.  General Powers


     356D-1 Definitions

     356D-2 Hawaii public housing authority; establishment,


     356D-3 Board; establishment, functions, duties

     356D-4 General powers of the authority

     356D-5 Resident advisory boards; establishment

     356D-6 Nomination of resident board member

   356D-6.5 Prohibition on smoking in and around public housing;

            designated smoking areas

   356D-6.7 Closed to the public

     356D-7 Fair housing law to apply

   356D-7.5 Exemption from tax on income and obligations

     356D-8 Acquisition, use, and disposition of property

     356D-9 Cooperative agreements with other government


    356D-10 Agents, including corporations

    356D-11 Development of property

  356D-11.2 Ceded lands; vacancy; development

  356D-11.5 Broadband infrastructure

    356D-12 Development of property; additional powers

  356D-12.5 Development of property; partnership or

            development agreement

    356D-13 Administration of federal programs

  356D-13.2 Housing choice voucher landlord incentive program

  356D-13.5 Housing choice voucher program administration

    356D-14 Federal funds outside of state treasury

    356D-15 Eminent domain, exchange, or use of public property

    356D-16 Contracts with the federal government

    356D-17 Public works contracts

    356D-18 Remedies of an obligee; mandamus; injunction;

            possessory action; receiver; accounting; etc.

    356D-19 Subordination of mortgage to agreement with


    356D-20 Duty to make reports

    356D-21 Bonds; authorization

    356D-22 Bonds; interest rate, price, and sale

    356D-23 Trustee; designation, duties

    356D-24 Trust indenture

    356D-25 Investment of reserves, etc.

    356D-26 Security for funds deposited by the authority

    356D-27 Arbitrage provisions; interest rate

    356D-28 Public housing special fund

    356D-29 Quitclaim deeds


        Part II.  Federal Low-Income Housing

    356D-31 Rentals and tenant selection

    356D-32 Delinquent accounts

    356D-33 Investigatory powers

    356D-34 to 39 Reserved

    356D-40 Additional powers


        Part III.  State Low-Income Housing


        A.  State Low-Income Housing; Administration

    356D-41 Definitions

    356D-42 Housing; tenant selection

    356D-43 Rentals

    356D-44 Administration of state low-income public

            housing projects and programs

    356D-45 State low-income housing revolving fund

  356D-45.5 Delinquent accounts

    356D-46 Investigatory powers

    356D-47 Government aid; political subdivisions

   356D-48, 49 Reserved

    356D-50 Additional powers


        B.  State Low-Income Housing; Liens

    356D-51 Definitions

    356D-52 Lien on personalty for rent, etc.

    356D-53 Foreclosure of lien, notice, etc.

    356D-54 Sheriff or police to assist

    356D-55 Existing contracts not impaired

    356D-56 Repealed

  356D-56.1 Disposition of abandoned or seized property

    356D-57 Disposition of surplus proceeds

    356D-58 Lien attaches to personalty in possession

    356D-59 Priority of housing lien

    356D-60 Rights and powers; supplemental


        C.  State Low-Income Housing; Evictions

    356D-61 Definitions

    356D-62 Termination and evictions

    356D-63 Hearings

    356D-64 Eviction

    356D-65 Ex parte motion

    356D-66 Judicial review

    356D-67 Appeals

    356D-68 Rules

    356D-70 Renumbered


        Part IV.  Housing for Elders and Teachers


        A.  Housing for Elders

    356D-71 Resident selection; dwelling units; rentals

    356D-72 Housing for elders revolving fund

    356D-73 to 79 Reserved

    356D-80 Additional powers


        B.  Housing for Teachers--Repealed

    356D-81 to 90 Repealed


        Part V.  Public Housing; Evictions

    356D-91 Definitions

    356D-92 Termination and eviction

    356D-93 Hearings

    356D-94 Eviction

    356D-95 Ex parte motion

    356D-96 Judicial review

    356D-97 Appeals

    356D-98 Rules


        Part VI.  Authority-County Cooperation

   356D-101 Gifts, etc., to counties from authority

   356D-102 Facilities and services by counties to authority

            and tenants

   356D-103 Construction of additional powers

   356D-104 Charges for prior services by counties to authority

   356D-105 Garbage and trash disposal

   356D-106 Furnishing of free water not required

   356D-107 Regulation of traffic within public housing

            projects in the various counties

   356D-108 to 119 Reserved

   356D-120 Additional powers


        Part VII.  Homeless Assistance--Repealed

   356D-121 to 147 Repealed


        Part VIII.  State Rent Supplement Program

   356D-151 Rent supplements

 356D-151.5 Rent supplement; qualification

   356D-152 Housing owner; defined

   356D-153 Qualified tenant defined; preference

   356D-154 Relationship of annual payment to rental and income

   356D-155 Determination of eligibility of tenants and rental


   356D-156 Rules

   356D-157 State rent supplement program for kupuna

  356D-158, 159 Reserved

   356D-160 Additional powers


        Part IX.  State Sales Housing Program--Repealed

   356D-161 to 170 Repealed




  L 2022, c 310, §3 provides:

  "SECTION 3.  The Hawaii public housing authority and the Hawaii civil rights commission shall produce and make available informational materials for the purpose of providing notice of specific rights and obligations pursuant to this Act and widely publicize the prohibition against discrimination based on source of income."

  Program to reimburse land owners who participate in the section 8 housing voucher program to cover repair costs of tenant-caused property damage when the repair costs exceed the tenant's security deposit.  L 2019, c 215, §1.

  State goal for affordable rental housing units; special action team (terminated December 31, 2019); annual report to 2017-2019 legislature.  L 2016, c 127; L 2017, c 96, §2.

  Statewide working group on affordable housing; annual report to the legislature.  L 2022, c 305, §3.

  Supportive housing pilot program; reports to legislature by December 1, 2024, and December 1, 2025 (repealed on June 30, 2025).  L 2023, c 95.