[§353L-4]  Powers and duties of the oversight coordinator.  In addition to any other powers and duties authorized in this chapter, the oversight coordinator shall:

     (1)  Supervise and administer the operation of the commission in accordance with this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter, subject to the continuous duty to take into account the particularly sensitive and responsible nature of the commission's functions;

     (2)  Enforce this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter.  The oversight coordinator shall receive allegations of any violations of the laws of this State or rules pertaining to the correctional system or conduct of the commission;

     (3)  Be authorized to hire staff necessary to accomplish the purpose of this chapter, including a minimum of two researchers and one clerical assistant.  Employees of the oversight coordinator's office shall be exempt from chapter 76 and shall not be considered civil service employees but shall be entitled to any employee benefit plans normally inuring to civil service employees;

     (4)  Act as secretary and executive officer of the commission;

     (5)  Confer regularly as necessary or desirable and not less than once every quarter with the commission on the operation and administration of the commission;

     (6)  Make available for inspection by the commission, upon request, all books, records, files, and other information and documents of the commission; and

     (7)  Advise the commission and recommend matters as are necessary and advisable to improve the operation and administration of the commission. [L 2019, c 179, pt of §2]