[§353L-2]  Oversight coordinator; appointment; term.  (a)  The governor shall appoint an oversight coordinator from a list of three nominees submitted by the commission.  The oversight coordinator shall be a person qualified by training and experience to administer the Hawaii correctional system oversight commission and shall be well-versed in criminal justice reform and maintain a firm commitment to the correctional system's transition to a rehabilitative and therapeutic model.  The oversight coordinator shall serve a two-year term.

     (b)  Effective December 1, 2019, the oversight coordinator of the commission shall be paid a salary set at one hundred per cent of the salary of the director of human resources development.  The oversight coordinator shall be exempt from chapters 76 and 89, but shall be a member of the state employees' retirement system and shall be eligible to receive benefits of any state employee benefits program generally applicable to officers and employees of the State, including those under chapter 87A.

     (c)  The oversight coordinator shall devote the oversight coordinator's entire time and attention to the administration of the Hawaii correctional system oversight commission and shall not be engaged in any other profession or occupation.

     (d)  The oversight coordinator may employ persons not subject to chapter 76 to perform and execute the functions of the commission. [L 2019, c 179, pt of §2]