§353L-1  Hawaii correctional system oversight commission; membership; appointment; chairperson; reimbursement of expenses.  (a)  There is established within the department of the attorney general for administrative purposes only a Hawaii correctional system oversight commission consisting of five members who shall be residents of this State and appointed as follows:

     (1)  One member shall be appointed by the governor;

     (2)  One member shall be appointed by the president of the senate;

     (3)  One member shall be appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives;

     (4)  One member shall be appointed by the chief justice; and

     (5)  One member shall be appointed by the chairperson of the board of trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

     The commission members shall annually elect one of the members to serve as chairperson of the commission.

     (b)  Preferred qualifications for commission members shall be possessing knowledge in:

     (1)  Criminal justice or correctional systems;

     (2)  Native Hawaiian culture-based practices with an emphasis on healing and reducing recidivism;

     (3)  Best practices for effective correctional systems; or

     (4)  Crime victim specialization.

     (c)  Any member of the commission may be removed from office by the governor for cause upon notice and opportunity to be heard at a public hearing.

     (d)  The members of the commission shall receive reimbursement for expenses, including travel expenses, that are necessary for the performance of their duties.  The terms of the commissioners shall be as provided in section 26‑34. [L 2019, c 179, pt of §2; am L 2020, c 39, §2]