353G-5 Drug test results or assessment; confidentiality of. (a) Unless otherwise ordered by a court, the drug test results and assessment results of an inmate, parolee, or other person released from a correctional center or facility shall be provided as soon as practicable to the inmate, parolee, or other person who submitted to the test or assessment, the department of public safety or the agency responsible for monitoring the parolee's or other person's compliance with the terms and conditions of parole or other release from a correctional center or facility, as applicable, and the assessment program or treatment program, as applicable.

(b) The assessment shall include:

(1) A clinical summary based on information gained through the assessment;

(2) A diagnosis supported by the clinical summary; and

(3) A recommendation for level of substance abuse treatment, supported by the clinical summary.

(c) Anyone receiving drug test results or assessment results under subsection (a) shall keep that information confidential in accordance with the requirements of title 42 United States Code section 290dd-2. [L 1998, c 152, pt of 2; am L 2011, c 43, 20]



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