[353G-3] Mandatory drug testing of repeat offenders. (a) Any inmate who has been convicted of an offense under chapter 329, 329C, 707, 708, 709, 710, 711, or 712, and has one prior conviction under any of these chapters, shall be required to submit to drug testing.

(b) Drug tests shall be administered by the department of public safety, in accordance with drug testing standards or rules adopted by the department of health that ensure fair, accurate, and reliable testing and confirmatory procedures and protect the chain of custody as required by section 329B-2.5(4). The sample or specimen used in the drug test shall be provided by or taken from the inmate in a medically safe and appropriate manner.

(c) The test shall be performed as soon as practicable after conviction and prior to the release of the inmate. If an inmate has not undergone a drug test prior to the time of release, submission to a drug test shall be a condition of the inmate's release pursuant to section 353G-7. [L 1998, c 152, pt of 2]


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