§353E-1  Sex offender treatment; statewide program established.  There is established the statewide integrated sex offender treatment program for the treatment of adult sex offenders in the custody of the State and juvenile sex offenders in cases where family court jurisdiction was waived pursuant to section 571-22, to be implemented on a cooperative basis by the department of public safety, judiciary, Hawaii paroling authority, department of health, department of human services, and any other agency that may be assigned sex offender oversight responsibilities.  The sex offender treatment program shall:

     (1)  Develop and continually update, as necessary, a comprehensive statewide master plan for the assessment, evaluation, treatment, and supervision of sex offenders that provides for a continuum of programs under a best practices philosophy;

     (2)  Develop and implement a statewide, integrated system of sex offender assessment, evaluation, treatment, and supervision services and programs that reflect the goals and objectives of the master plan;

     (3)  Identify all offenders in their custody who would benefit from sex offender treatment;

     (4)  Work cooperatively to monitor and evaluate the development and implementation of sex offender assessment, evaluation, supervision, and treatment programs and services;

     (5)  Develop appropriate training and education programs for public and private providers of sex offender treatment, assessment, evaluation, and supervision services;

     (6)  Conduct research and compile relevant data on sex offenders;

     (7)  Work cooperatively to develop a statewide management information system for sex offender treatment;

     (8)  Make every effort to secure grant funds for research, program development, training, and public education in the area of sex assault prevention;

     (9)  Network with public and private agencies that come into contact with sex offenders to keep abreast of issues that impact and increase community awareness regarding the statewide sex offender treatment program;

    (10)  As far as practicable, share information and pool resources to carry out responsibilities under this chapter;

    (11)  Coordinate their funding requests for sex offender treatment programs to deter competition for resources that might result in an imbalance in program development that is detrimental to the master plan treatment concept; and

    (12)  Develop and implement standards and guidelines for the assessment, evaluation, treatment, and supervision of sex offenders. [L 1992, c 164, pt of §2; am L 2016, c 36, §1]


Case Notes


  Although the master plan did not specifically discuss polygraph testing as a treatment tool for sex offenders, use of polygraphs not precluded under the Hawaii sex offender treatment program.  92 H. 289 (App.), 990 P.2d 1171 (1999).



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