353C-7 Federal reimbursement maximization special fund. (a) There is established in the state treasury the federal reimbursement maximization special fund, into which shall be deposited all federal reimbursements received by the department relating to the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program. Unless otherwise provided by law, all other receipts shall immediately be deposited to the credit of the general fund of the State.

(b) Moneys in the federal reimbursement maximization special fund shall be used by the department for the following purposes:

(1) To meet the state match requirement for federal grants and costs associated with federal grant reporting requirements, including administrative expenses such as the hiring of temporary staff;

(2) For any other purpose deemed necessary by the department for maintaining existing federal grants as well as pursuing federal grants;

(3) To hire consultants to provide training for corrections officers;

(4) To hire consultants to conduct facility or program evaluations;

(5) To rent or purchase vehicles to transport inmates;

(6) To provide pre-release and reentry programs;

(7) To improve technology; and

(8) To recruit and retain corrections workforce.

(c) The department shall prepare and submit an annual report on the status of the federal reimbursement maximization special fund to the legislature no later than twenty days before the convening of each regular session. The annual report shall include but not be limited to a description of the use of the funds. [L 2001, c 172, 1; am L 2012, c 77, 1; am L 2016, c 93, 1]



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