353C-4 Appointment of employees with police powers and other employees. (a) The director may appoint employees to be public safety officers who shall have all of the powers of police officers; provided that the director may establish and assign the employees to positions or categories of positions that may have differing titles, specific duties, and limitations upon the exercise of police powers.

(b) The director may appoint other personnel necessary to carry out the functions of the department.

(c) The state law enforcement officers transferred from the department of the attorney general by Act 211, Session Laws of Hawaii 1989, shall be responsible for public safety in state buildings as well as the personal protection of government officials and employees while in the conduct of their duties. The duties of state law enforcement officers shall also include the service of process, including subpoenas, warrants, and other legal documents, and other duties as the director may assign, including the performance of duties of other public safety officers within the department. State law enforcement officers shall have all of the powers of police officers, including the power of arrest. [L 1989, c 211, pt of 6; am L 1990, c 281, 12]


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Transfer of functions and employees, see 26-14.6.


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