353C-1 Definitions

353C-2 Director of public safety; powers and duties

353C-3 Deputy directors; appointment

353C-4 Appointment of employees with police powers and other


353C-4.5 Correctional health care program

353C-5 Criminal history record checks

353C-6 Parking fees, exemption

353C-7 Federal reimbursement maximization special fund

353C-8 Sexual assaults in prison

353C‑9 Department accreditation required

353C-10 Service of process; list




Certain positions in the department are exempt from the civil service requirements of chapter 76, for three calendar years commencing on July 1, 2016, unless extended by legislative act. L 2016, c 79, 3.

Departments of health and public safety to develop procedures to obtain administrative orders to overcome objections of patients subject to jurisdiction of department of public safety (repealed June 30, 2024). L 2017, c 111, 4.

Incarcerated parents; forms or questions to ask offenders upon intake; plan for management of data collected and public disclosure of data. L 2015, c 16, 3.

Inmates released with and without identification documents; annual report to legislature (starting with the 2019 session). L 2017, c 56, 2.

Policies and procedures, etc. for deputy sheriffs performing special duty; report to 2018 legislature (repealed June 30, 2018). L 2017, c 75.

Reentry pilot project for nonviolent, low-risk drug offenders; reports to 2015-2016 legislature (repealed June 30, 2016). L 2014, c 149; L 2015, c 126, 26.

State law enforcement memorial. L 2011, c 14.


Cross References


Controlled substances and narcotics enforcement, see chapter 329.

Forensic identification, see chapter 844D.

Medical use of marijuana, see 329-121 to 329-128.

Sex offender treatment program, see chapter 353E.



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