353-16.35 Development or expansion of in-state correctional facilities. (a) Notwithstanding any other law to the contrary, the governor, with the assistance of the director, may negotiate with any person for the development or expansion of private in-state correctional facilities or public in-state turnkey correctional facilities to reduce prison overcrowding; provided that if an environmental assessment or environmental impact statement is required for a proposed site or for the expansion of an existing correctional facility under section 343-5, then notwithstanding the time periods specified for public review and comments under section 343-5, the governor shall accept public comments for a period of sixty days following public notification of either an environmental assessment or an environmental impact statement.

(b) Any development or expansion proposal shall address the construction of the facility separate from the operation of the facility and shall consider and include:

(1) The percentage of low, medium, and high security inmates and the number of prison beds needed to incarcerate each of the foregoing classes of inmates;

(2) The facility's impact on existing infrastructure, and an assessment of improvements and additions that will be necessary;

(3) The facility's impact on available modes of transportation, including airports, roads, and highways; and

(4) A useful life costs analysis.

(c) For the purposes of this section, "useful life costs" means an economic evaluation that compares alternate building and operating methods and provides information on the design, construction methods, and materials to be used with respect to efficiency in building maintenance and facilities operation. [L 1998, c 227, pt of 5; am L 2003, c 221, 1]


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