Part I. Administrative Structure, Institutions,

and Services


353-1 Definitions; director may delegate powers

353-2 Repealed

353-2.5 Repealed

353-3, 4 Repealed

353-5 Offender release recommendations to the court

353-6 Establishment of community correctional centers

353-6.5 Gender-responsive, community-based programs for

female offenders

353-7 High security correctional facility

353-8 Conditional release centers for committed persons

353-9 Establishment of temporary correctional facilities

353-10 Intake service centers

353-10.5 Intermediate sanctions; eligibility; criteria and


353-11 Access to correctional facilities and records;

instituting of inquiries and securing information

353-11.5 Restricted access to correctional facilities

353-12 Correctional records, documents

353-12.5 Public assistance; inmates; monthly reports to

department of human services

353-13 Examination by medical officer

353-13.1 Nonemergency medical, dental, mental health services or

treatment; intentional injury; payment by inmates

353-13.2 Repealed

353-13.3 Mental health care

353-13.4 Substance abuse testing of inmates

353-13.5 Election of private medical or psychological

care by prisoners

353-13.6 Involuntary medical treatment criteria

353-13.7 Initiation of proceeding for involuntary medical


353-13.8 Notice; waiver of notice; hearing on petition;

waiver of hearing on petition for involuntary

medical treatment

353-13.9 Hearing on petition

353-14 Cash furnished discharged committed person, when

353-15 Transfer of committed persons affected with

communicable disease

353-16 Transfer of committed felon to federal institution

353-16.2 Transfer of inmates to out-of-state institutions

353-16.3 Development of out-of-state Hawaii correctional


353-16.35 Development or expansion of in-state correctional


353-16.36 Contracts for construction of correctional facilities

by private entities

353-16.37 Community partnering

353-16.5 Transfer of offenders under treaty; authority of


353-17 Committed persons, furlough, employment

353-18 Director to fix committed persons' compensation

353-19 Compensation for labor or training by committed


353-20 Custody of moneys; accounts for committed persons,


353-21 Withdrawals; forfeitures; etc.

353-22 Earnings exempt from garnishment, etc.

353-22.5 Garnishment to cover nonbudgeted costs

353-22.6 Victim restitution

353-22.8 Orders for payment of child support

353-23 Disposition of property subject to action for damages

353-24 Conservators of committed persons, appointed when

353-25 Powers and duties of conservator

353-26 Removal of conservator

353-27 Compensation; expenses

353-28 Property given to committed persons

353-28.5 Visits from family members

353-29 What officials may visit

353-30 Others by permission

353-31 Revolving funds for correctional facility stores

353-32 Gifts

353-33 Repealed

353-34 Probation services fee; assessment

353-35 Incarcerated parents; data collection

353-36 Release of misdemeanants to prevent overcrowding

353-37 Terms and conditions of release; violations; sanctions


Part II. Paroles and Pardons

353-61 Hawaii paroling authority; appointment; tenure;


353-62 Hawaii paroling authority; responsibilities and

duties; operations; records, reports, staff

353-63 Service of Hawaii paroling authority members;

compensation; expenses

353-63.5 Intermediate sanctions; eligibility; criteria and


353-64 Committed persons paroled

353-65 Paroles; rules

353-65.5 Reports to county clerk

353-66 Terms and conditions of parole; suspension and


353-66.5 Suspension or revocation; arrest warrants arising

from traffic violations

353-67 Education as condition for paroles

353-68 Parole, how initiated and granted

353-69 Parole when

353-70 Final discharge

353-71 Parole officer and assistant parole officers

353-72 Pardons; reference to paroling authority


Part III. Interstate Parole and Probation


353-81, 82 Repealed


Part IV. County Jails -- Repealed

353-91 to 96 Repealed


Part V. Federal and Military Prisoners, Custody of

353-101 Authorization to director of public safety or the

appropriate officer and the governor

353-102 Repealed

353-103 Validity of existing contracts


Part VI. Pregnant Offenders; Restraints

353-121 Definitions

353-122 Limitation on use of restraints

353-123 Enforcement


Part VII. Automated Victim Information and Notification


353-131 Definitions

353-132 System; requirements

353-133 Satisfaction of victims' rights to notification

353-134 Compliance by department; no cause of action

353-135 Law enforcement cooperation

353-136 Automated victim information and notification system

special fund; authorization of payment

353-137 Automated victim information and notification system

governance committee




Chapter heading amended by L 1987, c 338, 3(1); L 1989, c 211, 7.

Incarcerated parents; forms or questions to ask offenders upon intake; plan for management of data collected and public disclosure of data. L 2015, c 16, 3.

Parent-child interaction programs. L 2007, c 250.

Reports to 2018-2020 legislature on release of misdemeanants to prevent overcrowding. L 2016, c 217, 3.


Cross References


Cession of concurrent jurisdiction, see 1-4.5.

Criminal offender treatment act, see chapter 353G.

Department of public safety, see chapter 353C.

Drug demand reduction assessments; special fund, see 706-650.

Forensic identification, see chapter 844D.

Notice of prisoner escape, see 706-673.

Sexual assaults in prison, see 353C-8.

Transfer of youth corrections functions, see 352D-4.


Case Notes


Neither this chapter nor chapter 706 prohibits the Hawaii paroling authority from setting a prisoner's minimum term at a period equal to his or her maximum sentence. 97 H. 183, 35 P.3d 210 (2001).

Community correctional center holding unit was not a "facility". 7 H. App. 247, 753 P.2d 816 (1988).


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