REPEALED.  L 1980, c 303, §8(1).






    352-1 Definitions

    352-2 Repealed

  352-2.1 Purpose

    352-3 Contracting with private agencies for residential

          youth facilities

    352-4 Rules and regulations

    352-5 Staff standards and training

  352-5.5 Criminal history record checks

    352-6 Appropriation made out of general revenues

    352-7 Records

    352-8 Guardianship and custody of the person committed

  352-8.5 Reentry plans; notification

    352-9 Period committed

   352-10 Circuit court disposition of offenders under

          eighteen years

   352-11 Commitments directed, how

   352-12 Segregation of committed persons

   352-13 Evaluation, counseling, training

   352-14 Educational programs provided by the department

          of education

   352-15 Recreational and program activities

   352-16 Establishment of work release

   352-17 Compensation in facilities

   352-18 Establishment of trust accounts

   352-19 Withdrawals from accounts

   352-20 Disposition of inactive accounts

   352-21 Youth correctional facilities' benefit fund;

          disposition of income

   352-22 Periodic reexamination of status of persons

          committed to the department

   352-23 Community services program

 352-23.5 Gender-responsive, community-based programs for

          female adjudicated youth

   352-24 Juvenile parole program

   352-25 Furlough, parole, discharge

   352-26 Taking into custody and detaining persons for

          violations of terms and conditions of parole

          and furlough and attempted escape

 352-26.1 Public disclosure of information upon escape

   352-27 Harboring or concealing a person away from custody

          assigned by competent authority

   352-28 Repealed

   352-29 Termination of director's right to supervise person

   352-30 Delegation of responsibilities

   352-31 Costs

   352-32 Hawaii youth correctional facilities; Kawailoa youth

          and family wellness center; authority




  Juvenile justice oversight advisory council; annual reports; report to 2016 legislature and executive and judicial branches (repealed last day of 2016 regular session).  L 2014, c 201, §16.


Cross References


  Intermediate sanctions for selected offenders and defendants, see §§353-10.5, 353-63.5, and 706-605.1.

  Transfer of functions, see §352D-4.


Case Notes


  As this chapter clearly mandates that youth correctional facilities be placed under the supervision of the department of human services, the Hawaii youth correctional facility is a state correctional facility.  113 H. 60, 148 P.3d 493 (2006).

  Community correctional center holding unit was not a "facility".  7 H. App. 247, 753 P.2d 816 (1988).


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