Part I. Introductory


351-1 Purpose

351-2 Definitions


Part II. Establishment of Commission

351-11 Crime victim compensation commission

351-12 Tenure and compensation of members

351-13 Powers and procedures of commission

351-14 Hearings and evidence

351-15 Medical examination

351-16 Attorneys' fees

351-17 Reconsideration by commission; judicial review


Part III. Compensation to Victims or Dependents

351-31 Eligibility for compensation

351-32 Violent crimes

351-33 Award of compensation

351-34 Repealed

351-35 Recovery from offender


Part IV. Compensation to Private Citizens

351-51 Eligibility for compensation

351-52 Award of compensation


Part V. General Provisions

351-61 Terms of order

351-62 Limitations upon award of compensation

351-62.5 Crime victim compensation special fund; when payments


351-62.6 Compensation fee

351-63 Recovery from collateral source

351-64 No double recovery

351-64.5 Recovery of compensation paid

351-65 Legal adviser

351-66 Exemption from execution

351-67 Survival and abatement

351-68 Rulemaking powers

351-69 Commission staff

351-70 Annual report


Part VI. Limiting Commercial Exploitation of Crime

351-81 Deposit of copy of contract upon indictment or

charge of criminal offense

351-82 Effect of conviction upon contract; deposit of

monetary compensation with the commission

351-83 Collection account, creation, disbursements

351-84 Special account, creation, disbursements

351-85 Collection, special accounts to be interest bearing

351-86 Money deposited not subject to execution, levy,

attachment, or lien

351-87 Lien in favor of State

351-88 Part not applicable; return of moneys held




Chapter heading amended by L 1998, c 240, 2.


Case Notes


Trial court was not authorized, under 706-605, to order defendant to pay restitution to the Honolulu police department for its drug "buy money" expenses where (1) it was unlikely that ordering defendant to pay restitution would aid defendant in developing a degree of self-respect and pride in knowing that defendant has righted the wrong committed; and (2) department did not qualify as a "crime victim" under this chapter and defendant's offenses did not qualify as a "violent crime" under 351-32. 93 H. 34 (App.), 995 P.2d 335 (2000).


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