350B-6 Hawaii children's trust fund advisory committee. (a) There shall be an advisory committee of the Hawaii children's trust fund coalition. The advisory committee shall provide leadership for the coalition. Members of the advisory committee shall be initially selected prior to December 1, 1993.

(b) The advisory committee shall perform the following functions:

(1) Promote statewide planning and strategies for strengthening families with the intent of preventing child abuse and neglect;

(2) Establish criteria and guidelines for grantmaking for the board;

(3) Publicize the fund and solicit moneys from public and private sources, in collaboration with the board;

(4) Advise the department of health on matters involving the prevention of child abuse and neglect; and

(5) Facilitate the exchange of information between groups concerned with families and children.

(c) The advisory committee shall include private and public members. Public sector representation shall include the department of health, department of human services, department of education, office of youth services, and the judiciary. The coalition shall elect the private sector representatives, whose membership shall equal one more than the number of public sector representatives.

(d) Each member of the advisory committee shall have one vote, except that the representative of the department of health shall not vote on matters relating to advising the department of health. The advisory committee shall elect its officers. [L 1993, c 336, pt of 2; am L 1996, c 298, 5]



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