[348F-3] Duties and functions of the board. The board shall perform the following duties and functions:

(1) Establish guidelines for the design of buildings and facilities by or on behalf of the State and counties in accordance with section 103-50;

(2) Provide review and recommendations on all state and county plans for buildings and facilities, in accordance with section 103-50;

(3) Establish guidelines for the utilization of communication access services provided for persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or deaf-blind in state programs and activities. Guidelines include, but are not limited to, determining the qualifications of interpreters who may provide services, the amount of payment to interpreters, and the credentialing of interpreters who do not hold national certification via a state screening process;

(4) Administer the statewide program for parking for disabled persons, in accordance with part III of chapter 291;

(5) Serve as public advocate of persons with disabilities by providing advice and recommendations on matters relating to access for persons with disabilities, with emphasis on legislative matters, administrative rules, policies, and procedures of the state and county governments;

(6) Review and assess the problems and needs relating to access for persons with disabilities in the State in order to provide recommendations in the improvement of laws and services;

(7) Serve as the designated state agency to coordinate the efforts of the State to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act for access to services, employment, telecommunications, and facility and site design;

(8) Provide technical assistance and guidance to, but not limited to, state and county entities in order to meet the requirements of state, federal, and county laws providing for access for persons with disabilities through public education programs and other voluntary compliance efforts; and

(9) Administer funds allocated for its work, including disbursement and allocation of funds that may be available from public and private sources; provided that such disbursement and allocation shall be consistent with the specific requirements and purposes of this chapter. [L 1999, c 282, pt of 2]


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