348-1 State vocational rehabilitation; policy and scope. (a) Vocational rehabilitation services shall be provided to handicapped individuals throughout the State in accordance with this chapter and within the limits of available federal, state, and private funds. The vocational rehabilitation plan, formulated in conformance with the Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Act, as amended, and adopted pursuant to this chapter, shall be in effect in all political subdivisions of the State.

(b) The acceptance of federal funds, donations, grants-in-aid, and outright grants, for use in carrying out the purposes of this chapter, is authorized, provided restrictions imposed by the donor are not inconsistent with this chapter. [L 1955, c 231, pt of 2; RL 1955, 42-30; HRS 348-1; am L 1969, c 53, 1; am L 1979, c 188, 1(1)]


Cross References


Administration of vocational rehabilitation, see 26-14.

Regulation of occupational therapy practice, see chapter 457G.


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