[§347-12.5]  Randolph-Sheppard revolving account.  (a)  There is established within the state treasury the Randolph-Sheppard revolving account.  The revolving account shall be used by the department of human services for:

     (1)  The provision of the following benefits for blind vendors:

          (A)  A retirement or pension plan;

          (B)  Health insurance; and

          (C)  Sick and vacation leave;

     (2)  The maintenance and replacement of equipment used in the blind vending program;

     (3)  The purchase of new equipment to be used in the blind vending program; and

     (4)  The provision of management services, which shall include, but not be limited to:

          (A)  The hiring of consultants;

          (B)  The sponsoring of training seminars;

          (C)  Transportation;

          (D)  Per diem for vendors to attend meetings of the state committee of blind vendors;

          (E)  Services for the state committee of blind vendors; and

          (F)  Other costs related to the blind vending program.

     (b)  Income from vending machines on federal, state, and county properties that are within reasonable proximity to, and in direct competition with, a blind vendor may be deposited into the account and then disbursed to the blind vendor.

     (c)  The revolving account shall consist of funds derived from:

     (1)  Vending machine income generated by federal, state, and county operations;

     (2)  Any other legally accepted source of income; and

     (3)  Donations. [L 1991, c 70, §1]


Case Notes


  As the federal adjudication path applied to disputes arising from the Hawaii Randolph-Sheppard Act, trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to decide the merits of the case.  112 H. 388, 146 P.3d 103 (2006).