346G-1 Title

346G-2 Findings and declaration of necessity

346G-3 Definitions

346G-4 Hospital sustainability program special fund

346G-5 Hospital sustainability fee

346G-6 Hospital sustainability fee assessments

346G-7 Federal approval

346G-8 Multifacility locations

346G-9 Penalties for failure to pay the hospital

sustainability fee

346G-10 Private hospital payments through enhanced rates

to medicaid managed care health plans

346G-11 Special designation of hospital sustainability

program special fund

346G-12 Termination

346G-13 Severability




Chapter repealed June 30, 2019, except for 346G-4, which is repealed December 31, 2019. L 2012, c 217, 5; L 2013, c 141, 2; L 2014, c 123, 2; L 2015, c 70, 2; L 2016, c 60, 3; am L 2017, c 59, 5.


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