[346C-3] Composition of the board. (a) The board of trustees of the long-term care financing program shall consist of five regular members and one ex officio[,] nonvoting member to be appointed by the governor as provided in section 26-34; provided that:

(1) The terms of members shall be six years; and

(2) The initial appointments may be staggered in accordance with section 26-34(a).

[(b)] The members of the board of trustees shall have experience in accounting, business, finance, law, or other similar fields, and experience equivalent to five years as an officer or manager of a viable business, community, or organization involved with insurance management, portfolio management, health care management, or similar field. The composition of the board of trustees shall represent a diversity of relevant experience.

[(c)] The board of trustees shall elect a chairperson from among themselves. The trustees shall serve without compensation. [L 2002, c 245, pt of 2]


Attorney General Opinions


Cited, in determining that in the absence of other statutory wording to the contrary, the holdover provision from 26-34(b) would apply to board and commission statutes that refer to 26-34 and that the provision is constitutional. Att. Gen. Op. 16-3.



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