[346-404] Termination of jurisdiction. Jurisdiction under this part shall terminate when:

(1) The young adult has reached the age of twenty-one years;

(2) The young adult chooses to terminate the voluntary care agreement and stop receiving extended foster care services if the young adult:

(A) Has voluntarily signed a document attesting to the fact that the young adult no longer consents to the court's jurisdiction;

(B) Has been informed in writing of the effects of terminating voluntary foster care early; and

(C) Has been informed in writing of the option to reestablish jurisdiction before reaching age twenty-one and the procedures to do so; or

(3) After a court finds that:

(A) The young adult no longer meets the eligibility requirements as set forth in section 346-395; or

(B) Despite the fact that the department has made ongoing reasonable efforts to provide the young adult with services, the young adult is in material noncompliance with the case plan. [L 2013, c 252, pt of 2]



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