[§346-400]  Case plan; reports to be submitted by the department.  (a)  A case plan shall:

     (1)  Establish goals for the young adult, including those pertaining to education; health; therapy; counseling; a relationship with the young adult's birth family, including visits; cultural connections; independent living; and transition plans;

     (2)  Describe services needed to assist the young adult to achieve the goals set forth in paragraph (1); and

     (3)  Describe the methods for achieving the goals and services set forth in paragraphs (1) and (2).

     (b)  The department shall prepare a report to the court, developed in collaboration with the young adult as developmentally appropriate, describing:

     (1)  The young adult's progress toward achieving the goals of the case plan;

     (2)  Proposed revisions to the goals of the case plan and reasons for the revisions; and

     (3)  Proposed revisions to the methods for achieving the goals of the case plan and the reasons for the revisions.

     (c)  The report shall be submitted to the court seven days prior to a scheduled periodic review hearing date and a copy shall be provided to the young adult. [L 2013, c 252, pt of §2]



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