[346-392] Definitions. As used in this part, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

"Case plan" means a plan developed by the department, in consultation with the young adult, as developmentally appropriate, containing a written description of the programs and services that will help the young adult transition from foster care to independent living.

"Court" means one of the family courts established pursuant to chapter 571.

"Department" means the department of human services and its authorized representatives.

"Foster custody" means the legal status created when the department places a child outside of the family home with the agreement of the legal custodian or pursuant to court order as set forth in chapter 587A.

"Party" means the department or the young adult who is subject to a proceeding brought under this part and may include any other person whose participation the court finds is in the best interest of the young adult.

"Permanent custody" means the legal status created by order of the court after the termination of parental rights as set forth in chapter 587A.

"Young adult" means a person who has attained the age of eighteen or older, but is less than twenty-one years of age. [L 2013, c 252, pt of 2]



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