Part heading amended by L 2022, c 252, §3.

  Establishment of designated safe facilities for overnight stays.  L 2012, c 105, §4.


A.  Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness




  Sections 346-381, 346-381.5, 346-382, and 346-383 designated as subpart A by L 2022, c 252, §4.


     [§346-381]  Hawaii interagency council on homelessness; establishment.  (a)  There is established the Hawaii interagency council on homelessness, which shall be an advisory body exempt from section 26-34.  The Hawaii interagency council on homelessness shall be established within the department of human services for administrative purposes.

     (b)  The Hawaii interagency council on homelessness shall:

     (1)  Serve as the statewide homelessness planning and policy development entity with broad representation from state and county government and the community;

     (2)  Formulate, and advise the governor on the implementation of, a unified ten-year statewide plan to address homelessness in all Hawaii counties;

     (3)  Facilitate the acquisition of funding and resources for state and county homeless programs;

     (4)  Recommend policy, regulatory, and statutory changes, and identify resource strategies for the successful execution of the ten-year plan;

     (5)  Assemble accurate fiscal and demographic information to support policy development and track outcomes;

     (6)  Consider collaborative homelessness initiatives of other states that have demonstrated positive measurable outcomes as possible models for state and local programs;

     (7)  Promote systems integration of social, health, training, and housing services to reduce duplication among homeless assistance programs;

     (8)  Advise on the development and implementation of a public education program on homelessness in Hawaii and disseminate information including data and best practices; and

     (9)  Report annually to the governor, the legislature, and the mayor of each county on the progress of its activities, including formulation and progress of the ten-year plan no later than twenty days prior to the convening of each regular session.

     (c)  The ten-year statewide plan developed by the Hawaii interagency council on homelessness shall:

     (1)  Assist individuals who are homeless or facing homelessness;

     (2)  Prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable individuals and families;

     (3)  Encourage and promote partnerships between public and private entities to identify, renovate, and secure dignified transitional and permanent housing options;

     (4)  Promote development and utilization of support services, including job training, mental health, and substance abuse treatment, that will enhance the transition out of homelessness;

     (5)  Increase access to public areas for all members of the community;

     (6)  Support efforts to obtain accurate statistics on homeless persons; and

     (7)  Activate, coordinate, and maintain responsive action among the public, business, and faith-based communities to become part of the homelessness solution strategy. [L 2012, c 105, pt of §2]