§346-371  Annual financial audit.  (a)  The department shall require any provider agency that dispensed shelter or assistance for any homeless facility or any other program for the homeless authorized by this part to submit to the department a financial audit when requested, but at least annually.  The audit shall be conducted by a certified public accounting firm.  This audit shall contain information specific to the funds received under state homeless program contracts.  The audit shall include recommendations to address any problems found.

     (b)  Continuing contracts with provider agencies to participate in any program for the homeless authorized by this part shall require that the provider agency address the recommendations made by the audit, subject to exceptions as set by the department.

     (c)  Failure to carry out the recommendations made by the audit may be grounds for the department to bar a provider agency from further contracts for programs authorized by this part until the barred provider has addressed all deficiencies. [L 2010, c 89, pt of §2; am L 2016, c 234, §4; am L 2017, c 100, §4]



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