[§346-368]  Abuse of assistance.  (a)  The provider agency operating and managing a homeless facility or any other program for the homeless authorized by this part, or the department operating and managing its own homeless facility, shall be responsible for determining whether a participant is no longer eligible for shelter or other services at the homeless facility or for any other program for the homeless, pursuant to standards and criteria established by rule.

     (b)  Pursuant to rule and the right of due process, the department or its designee, or provider agencies together with the department, may act to bar homeless families or individuals from participating further in any homeless facility or services, may issue a writ of possession, and take other actions as provided by rule.

     The enforcement of a writ of possession shall be effected either by an officer appointed by the department, who shall have all of the powers of a police officer for all action in connection with the enforcement of the writ, or any other law enforcement officer of the State or any county, whose duty it shall be to enforce the writ.  The person enforcing the writ shall remove all persons from the premises and put the department or its designee, or the provider agency designated by the department, in full possession thereof.

     Upon eviction, the household goods and personal effects of the person against whom the writ is entered, and those of any persons using the premises incident to the person's holding, may be removed from the premises immediately and sold or otherwise disposed of by the department or its designee or the provider agency.  The department or its designee or the provider agency shall have a lien on the property so removed for the expenses incurred in moving the property.

     (c)  Any person who enters or remains unlawfully in or upon the premises or living quarters of any homeless facility or any other program for the homeless authorized by this part, after reasonable warning or request to leave by that provider agency's agents, the department or its designee, or a police officer, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; provided that the offense in this subsection shall be in addition to any other applicable offense in the Hawaii Penal Code.  A warning or request shall only be issued if the person has engaged in unlawful conduct or has violated house rules and regulations.  The house rules shall be reasonable and a copy shall be provided to each tenant or participant.  The warning or request shall supersede any invitation by a tenant or participant at the shelter, facility, or program to that person to visit the premises or living quarters. [L 2010, c 89, pt of §2]



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