346-233 Petition. (a) A petition invoking the jurisdiction of the court under this part shall be entitled "In the matter of the protection of                    ," and shall be verified.

(b) The petition shall set forth with specificity the:

(1) Reasons the person is considered to be a vulnerable adult;

(2) Facts that bring the vulnerable adult within this part;

(3) Name, birth date, sex, and residence address of the vulnerable adult;

(4) Names and addresses of any living persons, or entities required to be notified pursuant to section 346-237; and

(5) If appropriate, allegations describing any lack of capacity of the vulnerable adult. [L 1989, c 381, pt of 1; am L 1990, c 144, 1 and c 234, 9; am L 2008, c 154, 15]



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