[§346-183]  Preschool grant program special fund; established.  (a)  There is established within the state treasury the preschool grant program special fund, to be administered by the department, into which shall be deposited:

     (1)  Donations to the fund;

     (2)  Appropriations made by the legislature to the fund;

     (3)  Revenues regardless of their source; and

     (4)  Earnings on moneys in the fund.

     (b)  The department shall expend moneys in the special fund to award funds to private entities for the operating costs of new preschools or expansion of existing preschools at the private entity's place of business.

     (c)  Expenditures from the fund may be made by the department without appropriation or allotment.

     (d)  Any grant awarded pursuant to this section or expenditure of funds for the administration of the preschool open doors program shall be exempt from chapters 103D and 103F.  The department shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 91 to effectuate the grant program.

     (e)  The department shall submit an annual report to the legislature, no later than August 31, on the sources of moneys deposited into the fund and expenditures of moneys in the fund. [L 2020, c 46, pt of §7]



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