[346-172] Rules for registration. (a) The department shall adopt rules establishing minimum requirements to ensure the health and safety of children provided care in a family child care home. The rules may specify, but shall not be limited to, minimum requirements concerning:

(1) The number of children which may be cared for at one time and the ratio of adult to children;

(2) The health of the provider and children;

(3) Fire and sanitation standards;

(4) The supervision and allowable types of discipline of children; and

(5) Protection of children who are provided care from abuse.

(b) It is the intent of the legislature that the:

(1) Minimum requirements established under this section be less strict than the minimum standards established under section 346-162 for group child care homes and group child care centers;

(2) Minimum requirements be as simple and clear as possible;

(3) Minimum requirements be germane to the provision of care to children in a private home as opposed to a nonresidential facility or institution, require as little recordkeeping by the provider as possible, and require information and reports if deemed necessary, from the provider which the department intends to scrutinize carefully and not cursorily; and

(4) Department establish minimum requirements, the compliance with which can be assessed easily and objectively by officers and employees of the department, providers, and parents and legal guardians of children. [L 1985, c 208, pt of 2]


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