[346‑152.7]  Safe sleep policy. (a) All child care facilities, which include family child care homes, group child care centers, and group child care homes, as those terms are defined in section 346-151, and infant and toddler child care centers, that are registered or licensed by the department to provide care for children less than one year of age shall implement and maintain a written safe sleep policy in accordance with any rules that may be adopted by the department to implement the provisions of this section. The purpose of the safe sleep policy shall be to maintain a safe sleep environment that prevents the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome and sudden unexpected infant deaths in children less than one year of age.

(b) As used in this section:

"Sudden infant death syndrome" means the sudden death of an infant less than one year of age that cannot be explained after a thorough investigation has been conducted, including a complete autopsy, an examination of the death scene, and a review of the clinical history.

"Sudden unexpected infant death" means the sudden and unexpected death of an infant less than one year of age in which the manner and cause of death are not immediately obvious prior to investigation. Causes of sudden unexpected infant death include but are not limited to metabolic disorders, hypothermia or hyperthermia, neglect or homicide, poisoning, and accidental suffocation. [L 2013, c 71, 2]



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