[346-144] Application; approval; statement; return. (a) A person desiring to return to the person's homeland may make application to the director. The application shall include evidence from a recognized agency or other acceptable means to ensure that the person's health and welfare will be protected upon return to the person's homeland. The director shall examine the application and determine whether the person is a qualified person and the person's health and welfare will be protected. If the director determines that the person is a qualified person, the person's health and welfare will be protected, and funds are available, the director shall approve the application. Upon approval, the qualified person shall be required to sign a statement of intent to take up permanent residence in the qualified person's homeland. Upon signing the statement, the director shall enter into a contract as provided under section 346-143 to provide transportation assistance for the qualified person.

(b) A person who has used the transportation assistance under this part and returns to and reestablishes residency in Hawaii shall repay to the State the amount of the transportation assistance used in returning to the person's homeland with interest. The rate of interest shall be established by the director by rule under chapter 91.

(c) The statement of intent under subsection (a) shall explain the requirements for reestablishing residency in Hawaii and indicate that the qualified person understands these requirements.

(d) A person shall not be eligible to use the transportation assistance under this chapter more than once in the person's lifetime. [L 1980, c 276, pt of 2]


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