[346-142] Definitions. As used in this part:

"Alien" means any person not a citizen or national of the United States but who is allowed, under federal law, to reside in the United States.

"Homeland" means the country in which a person was born.

"Naturalized citizen" means a person who was not born in the United States, but who has the rights and privileges of a citizen bestowed upon the person by law.

"Qualified person" means an alien or naturalized citizen of the United States who:

(1) Is a resident of the State of Hawaii;

(2) Is sixty years of age or older;

(3) Is eligible to receive or receives financial assistance under this chapter on the date of the application for transportation assistance under this part.

"Transportation assistance" means the amount determined by the director under section 346-145. [L 1980, c 276, pt of 2]


Revision Note


Pursuant to 23G-15:

(1) Numeric designations deleted and punctuation changed; and

(2) In the definition of "qualified person", paragraphs redesignated and in paragraph (3), "and" deleted.



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