346-68 Bridge to hope program; transitional benefits. (a) There is created within the department a post-secondary education benefits program, to be known as the bridge to hope program, for heads of households in the first-to-work program.

(b) To receive assistance under this program, the participant shall:

(1) Be enrolled as a student each term in an approved course of study including, but not limited to, vocational education;

(2) Maintain passing grades or better throughout the course of study; and

(3) Meet work activity requirements as defined by the department.

(c) Internships, externships, practicums, or any other work training required by the course of study shall count toward the recipient's work requirement.

(d) The department shall adopt rules in accordance with chapter 91 to carry out the purpose of this section. [L 2000, c 276, 2; am L 2008, c 82, 2]



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