346-39.5 Unclaimed financial assistance balances in electronic benefit transfer accounts. If there is a balance of financial assistance benefits in an electronic benefit transfer account, that balance shall revert back to the program's appropriation from which the funds were expended upon the death of a client who has no surviving family member receiving assistance in the same financial assistance case or upon abandonment of the financial assistance account. Prior to the reversion to the program's appropriation from which the funds were expended, the department may use the balance of the household's electronic benefit transfer account to offset any outstanding overpayments still owed by the household.

For purposes of this section, financial assistance benefits refer to cash payments authorized by the department to be issued through the electronic benefit transfer system. A financial assistance account shall be considered abandoned when there is no debit transaction to the account for a period of ninety consecutive calendar days. [L 1997, c 199, 2; am L 1999, c 213, 2]


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