§346-7.5  Spouse and child abuse special fund.  (a)  There is established within the state treasury a special fund to be known as the "spouse and child abuse special fund", and to be administered and expended by the department of human services.

     (b)  The proceeds of the special fund shall be reserved for use by the department of human services for staff programs, and grants or purchases of service, consistent with chapters 42F and 103F, that support or provide spouse or child abuse intervention or prevention as authorized by law.  These proceeds shall be used for new or existing programs and shall not supplant any other funds previously allocated to these programs.

     (c)  The special fund shall consist of fees remitted pursuant to sections 338-14.5 and 572-5, income tax remittances allocated under section 235-102.5, federal reimbursements received through Title IV-E of the Social Security Act received in the following fiscal year from which the Title IV-E funds were expended, interest and investment earnings, grants, donations, and contributions from private or public sources.  All realizations of the special fund shall be subject to the conditions specified in subsection (b).

     (d)  The department of human services shall submit an annual report to the legislature, prior to the convening of each regular session, providing an accounting of the receipts of and expenditures from the special fund.

     (e)  All unencumbered and unexpended moneys in excess of $3,000,000 in the spouse and child abuse special fund shall lapse to the credit of the general fund.  Upon dissolution of the spouse and child abuse special fund, any unencumbered moneys in the fund shall lapse to the general fund. [L 1994, c 232, §2; am L 1997, c 190, §6; am L 2004, c 228, §3; am L 2019, c 84, §4]



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