346-7 Acceptance of grants-in-aid or outright grants. (a) The department of human services may accept, at any time, grants-in-aid or outright grants from the federal government or any department thereof for general assistance, medical assistance, care of transients, and other nonresidents, and cooperate with the federal government in connection therewith.

(b) The department shall submit a report detailing all funds received under this section to the legislature no later than twenty days prior to the convening of each regular session. [L 1941, c 296, pt of 1; RL 1945, 4823; RL 1955, 108-3; HRS 346-7; am L 1970, c 105, 5; am L 1987, c 339, 4; am L 1993, c 280, 58]


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