346 Department of Human Services

  346C Long-Term Care Financing Program

  346D Long-Term Care

  346E Nursing Facility Tax--Repealed

  346F Nursing Facility Sustainability Program

  346G Hospital Sustainability Program

   347 Blind, Visually Handicapped, and Other Disabled Persons

  347D Hawaii State Coordinating Council on Deafness--Repealed

   348 Vocational Rehabilitation

  348E Commission on Persons with Disabilities--Repealed

  348F Disability and Communication Access Board

   349 Executive Office on Aging

  349C Elder Abuse or Neglect--Repealed

   350 Child Abuse

  350B Hawaii Children's Trust Fund

  350C Adoption Assistance Compact and Procedures for

       Interstate Services Payments

  350E Interstate Compact on Placement of Children

   351 Crime Victim Compensation

   352 Hawaii Youth Correctional Facilities

  352D Office of Youth Services

   353 Corrections and Rehabilitation

  353B Interstate Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders

  353C Law Enforcement

  353D Offender Family Service Center Act

  353E Statewide Integrated Sex Offender Treatment Program

  353F Corrections Population Management Commission--Repealed

  353G Criminal Offender Treatment Act

  353H Comprehensive Offender Reentry System

  353L Hawaii Correctional System Oversight Commission

   354 Correctional Industries--Repealed

  354D Hawaii Correctional Industries

   355 Western Interstate Corrections Compact

  355D Interstate Corrections Compact

   356 Hawaii Housing Authority; Low Income Housing--Repealed

  356D Hawaii Public Housing Authority

   357 Federal Housing Projects--Repealed

   358 Government Aid for Housing Projects--Repealed

  358D Homeless Assistance Act--Repealed

   359 State Housing Projects--Repealed

  359A Teachers Housing--Repealed

  359G Hawaii Housing Authority--Housing Projects--Repealed

  359L Factory Built Housing--Repealed

   360 Provisions Applicable to Public Housing


  360E Advisory Council on Housing--Repealed

   361 Community Home Mortgage Program--Repealed

   362 Progressive Neighborhoods Program--Repealed

   363 Veterans Rights and Benefits

   364 Veterans Loans--Repealed

   367 Status of Women

  367D Parity for Female Offenders

   368 Civil Rights Commission

  368D Discrimination in State Educational Programs and


  368F Rental Discrimination Based on Source of Income

   369 Hawaii State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer,

       Plus Commission





        Part I.  General and Administrative Provisions


     346-1 Definitions

   346-1.7 Repealed

     346-2 Appointment of personnel

   346-2.5 Background checks

     346-3 Compensation of employees

     346-4 Repealed

   346-4.5 Investigators; authority and access to records

     346-5 Reports

     346-6 Appropriations; expenditures; donations

     346-7 Acceptance of grants-in-aid or outright grants

   346-7.5 Spouse and child abuse special fund

     346-8 Additional funds

     346-9 Workshop program

    346-10 Protection of records; divulging confidential

           information prohibited

    346-11 Unauthorized disclosure or inspection

    346-12 Hearing

    346-13 Attendance and testimony of witnesses

    346-14 Duties generally

  346-14.3 Guiding principles to be used by state agencies

           when dealing with children of incarcerated parents

  346-14.5 Financial assistance advisory council; established

    346-15 Death benefits for deceased medical or financial

           assistance recipients and disposition of unclaimed

           dead human bodies

    346-16 Definitions

    346-17 Child placing organizations, child caring

           institutions, and resource family homes;

           authority over, investigation of, and standards for

  346-17.2 Health assessment

  346-17.3 Motor vehicle insurance

  346-17.4 Higher education stipends for students

  346-17.5 Federal aid to children in foster care

  346-17.6 Consent to no cost emergency shelter and related


    346-18 to 19.6 Repealed

  346-19.7 Prospective adoptive parents; standards and home


  346-19.8 Department standards and requirements; disability

    346-20 to 25 Repealed

    346-26 Prevention and treatment of conditions giving rise

           to need

   346-27, 28 Repealed

  346-28.5 Family self-sufficiency escrow accounts; asset

           test exemption

    346-29 Applications for public assistance; manner, form,


  346-29.3 Medical assistance application information; annual

           report; public disclosure

  346-29.5 Real property liens

    346-30 Relief limited

    346-31 Assignment of persons in need of public assistance

           to work on public projects

    346-32 Application of chapter 386 to persons in need of

           public assistance assigned to work projects

    346-33 Assistance payments inalienable

    346-34 Frauds, penalties

    346-35 Cancellation or revision

    346-36 Assistance payments, subject to change or repeal

    346-37 Recovery of payments and costs of medical


  346-37.1 Payment of public assistance for child requires

           payment of child support to department by natural

           or adoptive parents

  346-37.2 Department subrogated to rights

  346-37.3 Notice of child support debt

  346-37.4 to 37.6 Repealed

    346-38 Incompetency of recipient

    346-39 Legal representative

  346-39.5 Unclaimed financial assistance balances in

           electronic benefit transfer accounts

    346-40 Maintenance and availability of records; penalty

    346-41 Inspection of institutional facilities

  346-41.5 Hawaii qualified health centers

    346-42 Administrative inspections and warrants

    346-43 Penalties under other laws

  346-43.5 Medical assistance fraud; penalties

    346-44 Recovery of public assistance overpayments

    346-45 Confidentiality of court records

    346-46 Certified nurse aides; training programs and


    346-47 Repealed

    346-48 Coverage of ground ambulance services


        Part II.  Specific Provisions Covering Public

                  Assistance and Child Welfare Services

    346-51 Public assistance and child welfare services

           administered by department

  346-51.5 Expenditure of temporary assistance for needy

           families funds

    346-52 Aged, blind, and permanently and totally disabled

           persons; eligibility for assistance

    346-53 Determination of amount of assistance

  346-53.2 Temporary assistance for needy families; funding

           and programs; public comment

  346-53.3 Temporary assistance for needy families and food

           stamps for individuals with a felony conviction

           which has as an element the possession, use, or

           distribution of a controlled substance

  346-53.4 Reimbursement to expanded adult residential care

           home operators

  346-53.5 Repealed

  346-53.6 Federally qualified health centers; rural health

           clinics; reimbursement

 346-53.61 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approval

 346-53.62 Federally qualified health centers and rural health

           clinics; reconciliation of managed care

           supplemental payments

 346-53.63 Federally qualified health center or rural health

           clinic; adjustment for changes to scope of services

 346-53.64 Federally qualified health center or rural health

           clinic visit

 346-53.65 Appeal

  346-53.8 Repealed

    346-54 Repealed

    346-55 Repealed

  346-55.1 Visitation, custody, and support when public

           assistance paid

  346-55.5 Repealed

    346-56 State reimbursement

    346-57 Loans to applicants for federal supplemental

           security income

  346-57.5 Interim assistance reimbursement special fund

    346-58 Repealed

    346-59 Medical care payments

  346-59.1 Coverage for telehealth

  346-59.2 Comprehensive breast and cervical cancer control


  346-59.4 Medical assistance to other children

  346-59.5 Enforcement of contracts

  346-59.6 Medicaid overpayment recovery

  346-59.7 Enforcement of decisions regarding medicaid

           overpayment recovery; judgment rendered thereon

  346-59.8 Repealed

  346-59.9 Psychotropic medication

    346-60 Group therapy; reimbursement for services

    346-61 Optometric services, choice

    346-62 Examination of blind

    346-63 Social services

    346-64 Repealed

  346-64.5 Eligibility for chore services

    346-65 Child abuse and neglect discretionary emergency


    346-66 Psychological services

    346-67 Medical foods and low-protein modified food

           product; treatment of inborn error of metabolism;


    346-68 Bridge to hope program; transitional benefits

    346-69 Welfare safety net program; department of human


    346-70 Medical assistance for other pregnant women


        Part III.  General Assistance to Households Without

                   Minor Dependents

    346-71 General assistance to households without minor


    346-72 Applications

    346-73 Repealed

    346-74 Representative payee

    346-75 Repealed


        Part IV.  Services to Adults


          A.  Day Care Center--Repealed

    346-81 to 85 Repealed


          B.  Family Boarding Homes--Repealed

    346-90 to 96 Repealed


          C.  General Provisions

    346-97 Criminal history record checks


        Part V.  Public Service Employment

   346-101 Findings and purpose

   346-102 Public service employment; established

   346-103 Wages or salaries of public service employment

   346-104 Refusal to work; ineligibility for public



        Part VI.  Licensure of Independent Group


   346-121 to 124 Repealed


        Part VII.  Resident Alien and Naturalized Citizen


   346-141 Purpose

   346-142 Definitions

   346-143 Administration

   346-144 Application; approval; statement; return

   346-145 Transportation assistance

   346-146 Penalty


        Part VIII.  Child Care


          A.  General

   346-151 Definitions

   346-152 Exclusions; exemptions

 346-152.3 Investigations

 346-152.5 Requirements for persons exempt pursuant to

           section 346-152

 346-152.7 Safe sleep policy

   346-153 Records of deficiencies and complaints; release

           to public

   346-154 Background checks

   346-155 Rules

   346-156 Penalty; remedies

   346-157 Liability insurance coverage; requirement

   346-158 No smoking in child care facilities

   346-159 Repealed


          B.  Group Child Care Home and Group Child Care

              Center Licensure

   346-161 License for group child care home, group child care

           center required

   346-162 Rules; minimum standards

   346-163 Licenses and temporary permits

   346-164 Suspension and revocation of licenses and

           permits; reissuance

   346-165 Visitation and inspection of group child care home,

           group child care center

   346-166 Records


          C.  Family Child Care Home Registration

   346-171 Registration for family child care home required

   346-172 Rules for registration

   346-173 Procedure for registration

   346-174 Informing parent and legal guardian of children

           and general public

   346-175 Visitation and inspection of family child care

           home; revocation of registration

   346-176 Family child care system

   346-177 Program of incentive for registration


          D.  Miscellaneous Provisions

   346-181 Preschool open doors program

   346-182 Preschool open doors special fund

   346-183 Child care grant program special fund; established

   346-184 Preschool open doors program; provider accreditation

   346-185 Preschool open doors; procurement exemption

   346-186 Prior early learning program information

   346-187 Early childhood registry; staff information required

   346-188 Child care accreditation program; established


        Part IX.  Workfare--Repealed

   346-201 to 215 Repealed


        Part X.  Adult Protective Services

   346-221 Purpose; construction

   346-222 Definitions

   346-223 Jurisdiction; venue

   346-224 Reports

   346-225 Confidentiality of reports

   346-226 Access to records

   346-227 Investigation

   346-228 Action upon investigation

   346-229 Right of entry

   346-230 Termination of services

   346-231 Order for immediate protection

   346-232 Order to show cause hearing

   346-233 Petition

   346-234 Guardian ad litem; counsel

   346-235 Consolidation with guardianship proceedings

   346-236 Permanent changes

   346-237 Notice of proceedings

   346-238 Service

   346-239 Required findings concerning postponed hearings

   346-240 Adjudicatory hearing

   346-241 Disposition

   346-242 Review hearings

   346-243 Appeal

   346-244 Admissibility of evidence

   346-245 Hearings

   346-246 Failure to comply with court orders

   346-247 Payment for service or treatment provided to a


   346-248 Fiscal and service responsibility

   346-249 Cooperation

   346-250 Immunity from liability

   346-251 Presumption of capacity

   346-252 Advanced age

   346-253 Rules


        Part XI.  First-To-Work Program

   346-261 First-To-Work; establishment; purpose

   346-262 to 276 Repealed


        Part XII.  Adoption Assistance

   346-301 Adoption assistance program established

   346-302 Equal benefits

   346-303 Rules

   346-304 Eligibility

   346-305 Effect on prior adoption assistance agreements


        Part XIII.  Rx Plus Program--Repealed

   346-311 to 319 Repealed


        Part XIV.  Home and Community-Based Case Management

                   Agencies and Community Care Foster Family


   346-331 to 336 Repealed


        Part XV.  State Pharmacy Assistance Program--Repealed

   346-341 to 347 Repealed


        Part XVI.  Medicaid Preauthorization Exemption

   346-351 Findings

   346-352 Preauthorization exemption for certain physicians

           and physician assistants


        Part XVII.  Homeless Programs

   346-361 Definitions

   346-362 Duties

   346-363 Exception to liability for donors

   346-364 Contract or conveyance to the department

   346-365 Program administration

   346-366 Time limits

   346-367 Determination of eligibility and need

   346-368 Abuse of assistance

   346-369 Exemptions

   346-370 Emergency or transitional shelter volunteers

   346-371 Annual financial audit

   346-372 Provider agency and donor cooperation are not

           in restraint of trade

   346-373 Construction of part

   346-374 Homeless shelter stipends

 346-374.5 Emergency shelter; minimum requirements

   346-375 Temporary emergency shelter

   346-376 Additional powers

   346-377 Repealed

   346-378 Housing first programs


        Part XVIII.  Statewide Homelessness and Housing



          A.  Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness

   346-381 Hawaii interagency council on homelessness;


 346-381.5 Governor's coordinator on homelessness

   346-382 Membership

   346-383 Meetings; quorum


          B.  Statewide Office on Homelessness and Housing


   346-385 Definitions

   346-386 Statewide office on homelessness and housing

           solutions; establishment

   346-387 Administration

   346-388 Duties and responsibilities

   346-389 Annual report


        Part XIX.  Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Program

   346-391 Purpose

   346-392 Definitions

   346-393 Rights of the young adult

   346-394 Jurisdiction

   346-395 Eligibility

   346-396 Voluntary care agreement

   346-397 Provision of extended foster care services

   346-398 Petition; venue

   346-399 Notice of hearings and reviews

   346-400 Case plan; reports to be submitted by the


   346-401 Court proceedings

   346-402 Court-appointed attorneys

   346-403 Periodic review

   346-404 Termination of jurisdiction

   346-405 Reestablishing jurisdiction

   346-406 Liability of the department

   346-407 Repealed


        Part XX.  Health Analytics

   346-421 Health analytics program; appointments


        Part XXI.  Office of Wellness and Resilience

   346-431 Definitions

   346-432 Office of wellness and resilience; established

   346-433 Functions

   346-434 Annual report

   346-435 Wellness and resilience advisory board;

           establishment; members; roles




  Chapter heading amended by L 1987, c 339, §4.

  L Sp 2005, c 4, §3 provides:

  "SECTION 3.  The department of human services shall not take any action to remove pharmaceutical benefits management from managed care plans that provide health care coverage for Hawaii medicaid beneficiaries."

  L 2008, c 241, §2 provides:

  "SECTION 2.  The department of human services shall apply to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to allow persons who are eligible to receive medicaid funds for care at nursing home facilities to remain at home and receive home- and community-based long-term care; provided that the cost for the home- and community-based services shall not exceed the total expenditures that would have been incurred if the person received facility-based long-term care, services, or support."

  Child welfare services branch to develop a modern case management software solution; reports to 2023-2024 legislature.  L 2022, c 317, §2.

  Child wellness incentive pilot program; report to 2027 legislature (repealed on June 30, 2027).  L 2022, c 127.

  Contracts that take effect after June 30, 2018, between the department of human services and a provider agency for the operation or management of an emergency or transitional shelter to comply with L 2016, c 234.  L 2016, c 234, §6; L 2017, c 100, §3.

  Equitable referral system for discharge of medicaid patients from hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities.  L 2012, c 211, §7.

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  Neighbor islands blind and visually impaired service pilot program; report to 2029 legislature (ceases to exist on July 30, 2029).  L 2023, c 253, §2.

  "Nursing facility sustainability program (repealed June 30, 2016 and December 31, 2016).  L 2012, c 156; L 2013, c 142; L 2014, c 124; L 2015, c 69", as shown in the main volume, deleted.

  Pilot visitation and family resource center at Wahiawa correctional facility; working group report to 2023 legislature (ceases to exist on January 31, 2023).  L 2022, c 125, §2.

  Return-to-home pilot program (ceases to exist on January 1, 2026).  L 2023, c 94.

  Return-to-home pilot program for eligible homeless individuals (terminated December 31, 2016).  L 2013, c 222, §§12 to 14.

  Safe spaces for youth pilot program; report to 2025 legislature (repealed on June 30, 2025).  L 2022, c 130.

  State's program integrity compliance with the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 with respect to medicaid program integrity within certain programs; reports to 2015-2017 legislature.  L 2013, c 240.

  Training program on government procurement for nonprofit organizations that offer homeless outreach services or manage homeless housing programs in rural areas of the State.  L 2019, c 162, §2.

  Working group on documentation for state civil identification card; reports to 2016-2017 legislature (dissolved June 30, 2017).  L 2015, c 243.


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