§343-3  Public records and notice.  (a)  All statements, environmental assessments, and other documents prepared under this chapter shall be made available for inspection by the public during established office hours.

     (b)  The office shall inform the public of notices filed by agencies of the availability of environmental assessments for review and comments, of determinations that statements are required or not required, of the availability of statements for review and comments, and of the acceptance or nonacceptance of statements.

     (c)  The office shall inform the public of:

     (1)  A public comment process or public hearing if a federal agency provides for the public comment process or public hearing to process a habitat conservation plan, safe harbor agreement, or incidental take license pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act;

     (2)  A proposed habitat conservation plan or proposed safe harbor agreement, and availability for inspection of the proposed agreement, plan, and application to enter into a planning process for the preparation and implementation of the habitat conservation plan for public review and comment;

     (3)  A proposed incidental take license as part of a habitat conservation plan or safe harbor agreement; and

     (4)  An application for the registration of land by accretion pursuant to section 501-33 or 669-1(e) for any land accreted along the ocean.

     (d)  The office shall inform the public by the publication of a periodic bulletin to be available to persons requesting this information.  The bulletin shall be available through the office and public libraries. [L 1974, c 246, pt of §1; ren L 1979, c 197, §1(3); am L 1983, c 140, §6; am L 1992, c 241, §1; am L 1997, c 380, §8; am L 1998, c 237, §7; am L 2003, c 73, §3]


Case Notes


  Where there was no evidence that the city department of planning and permitting filed a notice with the office of environmental quality control pursuant to HAR §11-200-11.1 of its determination that a supplemental environmental impact statement was not required, there was no date from which to measure the thirty day limitation prescribed by §343-7(b) and §343-7(b) was thus inapplicable; in addition, given the plain and unambiguous language of §343-7 and this section, coupled with the related administrative rules, actual knowledge cannot be substituted for the public notice requirement.  123 H. 150, 231 P.3d 423 (2010).