Part I.  Preamble


   342J-1 Legislative policy; program priorities


        Part II.  Definitions and General Provisions

   342J-2 Definitions

   342J-3 Administration

   342J-4 Powers; rulemaking; appointment of hearings officers

   342J-5 Permits; procedures for

   342J-6 Furnishing of information and entry and inspection of


 342J-6.5 Notification

   342J-7 Enforcement

   342J-8 Emergency powers; procedures

   342J-9 Penalties

  342J-10 Administrative penalties

342J-10.5 Disposition of collected fines and penalties

342J-10.6 Guarantors

342J-10.7 Repealed

  342J-11 Injunctive and other relief

  342J-12 Appeal

  342J-13 Fees

  342J-14 Public records; confidential information; penalties

342J-14.5 Copy fee waiver

  342J-15 Nonliability of department personnel

  342J-16 Intervention

  342J-17 Other action not barred

  342J-18 Enforcement by state and county authorities

  342J-19 Other powers of department not affected

  342J-20 Effect of laws, ordinances, and rules

  342J-21 Priority in courts


        Part III.  Hazardous Waste Control

  342J-30 Prohibition

  342J-31 Duties; rules

  342J-32 Standards for generators

  342J-33 Standards for transporters

  342J-34 Standards for treatment, storage, or disposal


342J-34.5 Standards for persons who deal with fuel

342J-34.6 Brokers; notification; and identification numbers

  342J-35 Other rules

  342J-36 Hazardous waste releases

  342J-37 Complaints; hearings; appointment of masters

  342J-38 Public participation activities; appointment of

          hearings officers

  342J-39 Research programs

  342J-40 Receipt of funds for study and control of

          hazardous waste

  342J-41 Technical assistance to generators

  342J-42 Public education program


        Part IV.  Used Oil and Used Oil Fuel

  342J-51 Definitions

  342J-52 Standards for persons who deal with used oil or used

          oil fuel

  342J-53 Permit required

  342J-54 Permits; procedures for

  342J-55 Furnishing of information and entry and inspection of


  342J-56 Emergency powers; procedures


Cross References


  Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see §604A-2.

  Environmental response law, see chapter 128D.

  Hawaii emergency planning and community right-to-know act, see chapter 128E.

  Transportation of hazardous materials, see §§286-221 to 227.


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  Enforcement of Environmental Laws in Hawai‘i.  16 UH L. Rev. 85.


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