[342I-22] Motor vehicle tires; disposal in landfill or municipal solid waste incinerator prohibited. (a) No person shall place a whole motor vehicle tire in mixed municipal solid waste, or shall discard or otherwise dispose of a motor vehicle tire except by delivery to any motor vehicle tire retailer, tire wholesaler, or to an authorized tire collection or authorized tire recycler.

(b) No motor vehicle tire retailer shall dispose of a motor vehicle tire except by delivery to the agent of a motor vehicle tire wholesaler or to a motor vehicle tire manufacturer, or to an authorized motor vehicle tire recycler.

(c) Each tire improperly disposed of shall constitute a separate offense.

(d) For each violation of this section a violator shall be subject to the penalties and remedies provided under sections 342H-9 Penalties; 342H-10 Administrative penalties; and 342H-11 Injunctive relief.

(e) Variances to these provisions may be granted by the director based on written requests submitted by a permitted disposal facility. [L 1993, c 209, pt of 2]



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