Part I. Lead Acid Batteries


342I-1 Lead acid batteries; disposal prohibited

342I-1.5 Disposal of electrolyte; prohibited

342I-2 Lead acid batteries; collection for recycling

342I-2.5 Recycling

342I-3 Inspection of lead acid battery facilities

342I-4 Lead acid battery wholesalers

342I-5 Enforcement

342I-6 Recordkeeping

342I-7 Entry and inspection of records

342I-8 Penalties

342I-9 Disposition of collected fines and penalties


Part II. Used Motor Vehicle Tire Recovery

342I-21 Definitions

342I-22 Motor vehicle tires; disposal in landfill or

municipal solid waste incinerator prohibited

342I-23 Motor vehicle tires; collection for recycling

342I-24 Inspection of motor vehicle tire retailers

342I-25 Motor vehicle tire wholesalers

342I-26 Registration and recordkeeping requirements

342I-27 Repealed

342I-28 Tire inventory records and payment

342I-29 Deposit into environmental management special fund

342I-30 Recovery of costs

342I-31 Contract for administrative services

342I-32 Entry and inspection of facilities

342I-33 Enforcement

342I-34 Penalties

342I-35 Disposition of collected fines and penalties




Chapter title amended by L 1993, c 209, 1.


Cross References


Litter control, see chapter 339.

Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.

Plastic container coding, see 342H-41, 42.

Recycling market development, see 342G-48.


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