Part I. Definitions and General Provisions


342H-1 Definitions

342H-2 Administration

342H-2.5 Department of health; delegation of enforcement powers

342H-3 Duties; rules; appointment of hearings officers

342H-4 Permits; procedures for

342H-4.5 Repealed

342H-5 Variances

342H-6 Inspection of premises

342H-7 Enforcement

342H-8 Emergency powers; procedures

342H-9 Penalties

342H-10 Administrative penalties

342H-10.5 Disposition of collected fines and penalties

342H-11 Injunctive and other relief

342H-12 Appeal

342H-13 Fees

342H-14 Public records; confidential information; penalties

342H-15 Nonliability of department personnel

342H-16 Other action not barred

342H-17 Enforcement by state and county authorities

342H-18 Other powers of department not affected

342H-19 Effect of laws, ordinances, and rules

342H-20 Priority in courts

342H-21 Unauthorized removal of recyclable materials


Part II. Solid Waste Control

342H-30 Prohibition; civil

342H-31 Rules; specific

342H-32 Plans and reports

342H-33 Appointment of masters

342H-34 Consultation and advice

342H-35 Research, educational, and training programs

342H-36 Recycling for agricultural purposes; encouraged

342H-36.5 Leaf blower debris

342H-37 Felony disposal of solid waste

342H-38 Felony disposal of solid waste; deferred prosecution


342H-39 Petty misdemeanor disposal of solid waste


Part III. Plastic Container Coding

342H-41 Definitions

342H-42 Prohibition


Part IV. Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Criteria

342H-51 Definitions

342H-52 Prohibitions; buffer zones

342H-53 Applicability and requirements

342H-54 Public participation

342H-55 Rules; specific

342H-56 Other powers

342H-57 Intervention


Cross References


Construction projects; recycled glass requirements, see 103D-407.

Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.

Glass container recovery, see 342G-81 to 87.

Litter control, see chapter 339.

Special wastes recycling, see chapter 342I.


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